Infrared radiation

Above absolute zero (-237 °C) all bodies emit energy radiation in form of electromagnetic waves. This radiation is often designated as thermal radiation or infrared radiation. The wavelength of the maximum radiation is moving towards visible area with rising temperature. This can be found on glowing materials starting from deep red to yellow and finally to white glow.

Technical realization of infrared thermometers (pyrometers)

Infrared thermometers are complex systems containing optical, mechanical and electrical components. A geometrical area (measuring spot) in a given distance of the object being measured will be displayed on an infrared detector through the lens. The adjustment of the pyrometer to the measuring object can be done with a pilot light or through lens sighting. The infrared detector changes the incoming radiation into an electrical signal. An afterwards implemented electronics evaluates this signal into a linear temperature signal. Other parts like display, maximum value storage or controller are suitable for further processing.

Characteristics of KLEIBER pyrometer

KLEIBER infrared thermometer stand out for very short response times (6 µs), long continuous measuring ranges and very small spot sizes (0.3 mm). The standard LED pilot light allows adjusting the devices exactly to the measured object even at very small objects. The size of the pilot light is identical to the size of the infrared measuring spot. The distance between pyrometer and measuring object can be easily adjusted without exchanging optical part due to the very stable and accurate vario optics. A large variety on accessories allows usage even under rough environmental conditions.
The standard linear output signal of 0(4)…20 mA makes easy integration in existing industrial systems possible.
The devices can be modified with special filters for laser applications or measurements on special materials such as silicon or tungsten. The newest pyrometer generation combines the advantages of digital measurements with the High Speed temperature measurement by using most up to date microprocessor technology.

Devices for analysis and controller

The output signal of the pyrometer is a temperature linear and standard signal (e.g. 0/4…20 mA). These signals can be easily integrated in existing measuring and controlling systems (even computer interfaces). The measured values can be used for process monitoring or controlling. For this purpose KLEIBER offers controller which are suitable for the pyrometers. They contain display as well as power supply for the pyrometers. Adjustable switching contacts can be used as alarm signal. The devices can be equipped with maximum value storage for fast measuring tasks. For steady controlling processes PID controllers are also available.

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