You work on a project and there is a temperature measuring task you would like to solve but you are unsure if it will work with a pyrometer? We can help you.

We offer demonstration units to lend free of charge for one week. You only have to pay the expenses for shipment. If you like to use the device for more than a week we will charge you by week.

You have been working on a project and there is a need for a KLEIBER High Speed or special pyrometer. The project budget doesn't allow you to buy the unit. We can help you as our High Speed and special pyrometers are for rent. We define a fix period and price for the rent. After you have finished your project you send the device back to us. We charge you at a weekly basis. The charge follows the required specification of the pyrometer. For detailed information about the rent please contact our customer service on +49 3671 527 200.

  • KLEIBER 660/5
  • KLEIBER 740 - LO